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You can have a beautiful complexion even in Perth's harshest climate

Stephanie MacDougall

Born and raised in Perth, where summers were endless and freckles and sunburnt blisters were standard – there was no sunblock back then. In one of the windiest and harshest climates on the planet, we had nothing more than Ponds Cold Crème and Pears soap to protect us.

My early working life was spent as an International Airhostess, for Qantas, the most sort after job in the world back then. I would go to work in an Italian designer uniform and be enclosed in an aircraft for 10 hours plus, 35,000 ft in the air in a pressurised cabin, jetlagged from the previous flight, inhaling the cigarette fumes of 200 of the 400 on board the 747. Never the less, it was exciting, and I never lost my desire to feel like someone special.

With all my poor skin was put through, my fascination for cleansing, protecting and nourishing began. After leaving flying and settling down to raise my 3 beautiful sons, I found a new pathway in the Cosmetic Beauty industry, where I have stayed for 22 years.

After advanced training and experience working with both Cosmetic Doctors and Plastic surgeons, I am now a qualified Paramedical Aesthetician; and now sell, supply and train staff in the latest advancements in anti-aging, in both the beauty and medical industries.

Just like Oprah and Ellen, I am a Baby Boomer, who stands proud in their own skin. We’re very much individuals, but we’re all making a difference to how we feel about ourselves – mind, body and soul. I also happen to share their birthday week!

As a Baby Boomer, I can stand tall and proud as a woman who refuses to grow old gracefully. I will fight continuously to stay on top of my game, and keep my face, neck and hands as best I can. Why? Because I can! I have the technology to do just that, and I am living proof. My pictures on this site show you what’s possible. They are all of me, the year of my 60th. I am passionate about this, and I want to help you too, to grow old ungracefully.

I will give you personalised service at all times and am available to you whenever you need me. So please call me or email me if you have any other questions. I look forward to helping you grow old ungracefully.

– Stephanie –


I am so pleasantly surprised as to how my skin feels and looks after 1 treatment with Stephanie. Simply amazing, i am ever so grateful.

Zoe aged 48, Perth WA

I cannot wait to have my monthly treatments with Stephanie, the overall experience is pure bliss, from the cup green tea on arrival to leaving with skin that feels silky smooth and youthful again. Thank you for understanding my needs.

Karen aged 65, Perth WA

Oh wow this is truly unbelievable, I am glowing, my face & neck feels 10 years younger and I look fabulous. I will be back for sure.

Ann aged 62, Perth WA 

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Signature Facial

I have created my own signature facial, made from a mixture of all my best treatments. I guarantee that everyone who has this treatment with me, will instantly benefit and feel so much better with how they look and feel.

It involves a full beauty consultation, where I assess and consider the genetics and environmental factors of each client. This enables me to personalise each step, to get fabulous results every time.

I have designed a 6-step procedure, which takes approx 90 mins, and includes the latest cutting edge products.

My signature facials allow each client to have the best results available in the technical cosmetic non -invasive world of beauty. All of which I have worked with and know, gives results you will love.

I have created these facials with a great price tag, so anyone can have a go!



Fast Pain Free Hair Removal


Intense Pulsed Light (SHR IPL) Hair Removal can help you achieve a permanent hair reduction through a series of treatments. SHR stands for Super Hair Removal.

It works by emitting intense pulses of light into the hair follicles, where the pigment absorbs and converts them into heat – destroying the hair follicles.

Results can be seen after your first IPL hair removal treatment. Typically there’s a 30% reduction after each treatment. Because your hair grows in cycles, 5 to 10 IPL sessions are usually required on average, to achieve full results.




BBL is an innovative technology designed to treat common skin conditions associated with aging and sun damage. BBL uses the unique properties of light energy to interact with cosmetically undesirable blemishes, such as freckles, sun spots and visible facial veins. Exposure to this specialised light minimises the target blemishes and stimulates the skin to rejuvenate itself. By adjusting the machine’s parameters, your clinicians can tailor the treatment to match client’s skin conditions and achieve their desired results.



•  Age spots •  Port wine stains
•  Small facial veins (telangiectasia) •  Red spots (haemangiomas)
•  Rosacea •  Poikiloderma
•  Redness and flushing •  Burn erythema
•  Solar lentigines (freckles) and brown spots •  Coarse, dark hair
ipl shr prices perth


I sell the latest fast, pain free hair removal machine called Elis 2. It is remarkable for quick hair loss results.

I sell this unit at the best price in Australia, which includes comprehensive training and a certificate of completion from the supplier. I also help you with marketing, brochures and all point of sale to get you going.

You’ll receive nationally accredited training, conducted by a visiting Trainer with 30 years experience in the Beauty field; this is at a reduced price for my students who purchase a SHR/IPL. The training is 3 days in total and comes with safety certification.


As a qualified Paramedical Aesthetician and the owner of Preserve and Enhance with over 20 years’ experience within the beauty industry, I have gained valuable insight and knowledge from having worked with Cosmetic Doctors, Plastic Surgeons and owning my own salons.

I am also the National Sales and Training Manager for MM Beauty Equipment, supplying salons all over Australia with cutting edge anti-aging aesthetic equipment. I go above and beyond simply supplying machines into your business. My marketing, “hands on” training and aftercare support cannot be beaten. I am always available to mentor, support and offer advice. You will not find anyone else that has the passion I have and provides the service I do, and that will work harder to ensure your salon’s success.

~ Stephanie MacDougall


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“Servicing Beauty since 1995”

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We were referred to Stephanie through a colleague in search for the fantastic SHR / IPL Ellis 2 Machine. Since then we have had a fabulous response and overwhelming results with this Machine. The support and training that Stephanie has offered us is second to none, she has been there for me in every situation at any time of the day, I could not have asked for better service.

Thank you so much for all your time and effort that you have provided me, I couldn't have done it without you.

Dermal Therapist
Anubis Dermal Clinic Perth WA

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Ultrasound & Radio Frequency Body Contouring


AlphaShape is a non-invasive and non-surgical fat reduction method, for body shaping, circumferential reduction and skin tightening, which targets the fatty deposits on the body. It uses unique combination of ULTRASOUND, RADIO FREQUENCY, and LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE technologies, which maximises an immediate circulation, fat and skin response.


Ultrasound cavitation waves cause a vibration of the fat cells to break up the fat in the area. The unwanted fat is released from the fat cells, which is then removed by the lymphatic system and eliminated from the body.


RF is used to heat the fat cells up to 60 degrees in problem areas, melting and liquefying the fat. It also stimulates fibroblasts to replenish and strengthen collagen and elastin, to achieve long-term tightening and smoothing of the skin.


Lymphatic drainage uses a vacuum to assist the body to drain the fat from the source to the lymphatic system, fast tracking the elimination of the fat cells from the body.

alphashape face

alphashape tummy contouring fore and after

front view of tummy contouring with with alphashape

facial contouring with alphashape

results on arm using alphashape


Results can be experienced immediately


AlphaShape is recommended for anyone who desires cosmetic improvement on the body, particularly those areas that have not responded to exercise and/or weight loss. During the session the device is guided over the treatment area, creating a comfortable and relaxing experience. A warming sensation is usually experienced with RF, as energy is delivered to the deeper layers of skin and fat. Treatments are tailored specifically to your needs and vary from 60-90 mins per area, depending on which the area of the body is being treated.


5-10 sessions are recommended, depending on individual needs and expectations. A minimum of 1 treatment per week is required for best results. Provided you undertake a generally healthy lifestyle and light exercise, results can be maintained over some time. Touch up treatments may be required, and are subject to the individual.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

a non-invasive skin tightening treatment for the forehead, eyebrows, face, neck and body


Advanced High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) stimulates collagen reproduction by delivering focused ultrasound energy to the SMAS layer typically addressed in cosmetic surgery - without damaging or disrupting the surface of the skin.

This is the premier skin tightening technology currently available for all facial and neck area. It is the closest procedure to a surgical face or neck lift. There is no downtime! The effects are immediate, improving each day with full results at around 3-6 months.

Safe, time tested energy of precisely focused ultrasound stimulate the deep structural support layers of the skin without disturbing the surface of the skin.

Patients will see dramatic long lasting improvements around the eyes, facial firming, smoothing of crows feet, tightened sagging skin, more defined jaw line, improved skin texture and an evenness of colour.


• Lift and tighten eyebrows
• Reduce frown lines
• Lift and firm jowl area
• Soften smile lines
• Reduce nasolabial folds
• Improve neck appearance
• Body sculpt and contour

HIFU Desktop
HIFU Desktop

Contact me below, to book an appointment to experience this treatment for yourself.


HIFU Prices

hifu prices perth

PlasmaLift Prices

plasmalift prices perth

* When combined with two other areas.


Treatments, beauty machines and training available


Beauty Without Surgery

Your eyes are the mirror to ageing

Experience PlasmaLift’s immediate visible skin-tightening effect and achieve great results without having to go under the knife.

PlasmaLift offers patients:
•  No general anaesthetic required
•  No scalpels or cutting of the skin
•  No stitches required
•  Less downtime
•  No thinning of the skin
•  Quick and easy procedure
•  Significant cost savings


PlasmaLift Pro

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